Welcome to Defensive Shield Holdings 


Defensive Shield Holdings Ltd., is an internationally recognized provider of strategic, operational and tactical solutions for the defense, security, and homeland security sectors around the world.


Founded by senior, military, police and intelligence officers, Defensive Shield’s major strength is derived from the extensive knowledge of its team of experts. The company is dedicated to providing full turn-key solutions comprised of well-founded doctrine, cutting edge technology and equipment, specialized training and skilled human resources.


Defensive Shield owns and manages a wide range of companies operating in the defense and security sectors and successfully manages numerous civilian activities. It is headquartered in Israel with oces in Europe, Australia and Latin America. The group ofer services for leading industries worldwide in the areas of business development, marketing, R&D, system integration and project management.


As an authorized exporter and provider of the Israeli MOD and Ministry of Interior, Defensive Shield’s products and services are geared towards governments, large organizations, armed forces, police and fire departments. The company works both independently and jointly with well-known partners, locally and abroad.


Defensive Shield’s unique company spirit originates from Israel’s elite forces. The values ingrained in its employees are derived from serving in those forces. With satisfied customers on five continents, the experts at Defensive Shield speak the language of top level decision makers as well as that of the men and women serving in the field.


Defensive Shield defines the need, finds and develops the technology, trains the force, simulates the conditions and carries out the plan – as quickly and effciently as a team of elite commandos. That, is Defensive Shield.