Know-How – Technology - Training

Defensive Shield Holdings Ltd.

 Defensive-Shield provides strategic, operational, and tactical solutions for homeland security, general security and  defense markets worldwide. Within those markets, we offer our customers a wide range of services including system integration, project management, conceptual R & D, consultancy, training, risk assessment and business development.


Founded by senior level military, intelligence and police officers, our rich collection of field experience, distinguished engineering track-record, and unique training methodologies position us above our competitors. 

Our Portfolio

Defensive-Shield, owns and manages a wide range of companies operating in the defense and security sectors and successfully manages numerous civilian activities. With headquarter in Israel and representative offices in Europe, Australia and Latin America, we work independently and in cooperation with leading industries and companies locally and abroad. Our HLS, defense and security activities span the globe to include:


Latin America | Balkan | Central Asia | West Africa | Far East | Eastern Europe


Our solutions and services are geared towards governments, large organizations, armed forces, as well as police and fire departments. We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of the latest technology and operational needs of defense and security forces around the world. With satisfied customers on five continents, the experts at Defensive- Shield speak the language of top level decision makers, as well as that of the men and women serving in the field.

Environmental Policy

 Defensive Shield Holdings is committed to protecting the environment as a part of its business practice. We do so by 

adhering to the following principles:


Compliance - We comply with all applicable laws, regulations and permits and will implement programs and procedures to assure compliance. We proactively participate with local and international agencies to ensure an understanding of the requirements


Prevention - We employ procedures and systems designed to prevent activities or conditions that pose threats to the environment. We minimize risk and protect our employees and the community in which we operate.


Communication - We communicate our commitment to environmental protection to our employees, suppliers and subcontractors. We will ask their help in meeting our goals.


Continuous Improvement - We continuously seek opportunities to improve our understanding and adherence to these principles. 

Changes & Transformations

The world of defense and homeland security (“HLS”) has changed dramatically.


Where the challenge used to be coping with a rival that has an address and whose signature is clear and solid, it is now a conflict against cells, organizations and organizational fragments and the opponent has numerous addresses, most of which are 'straw addresses'. This opponent has a blurred, illegible signature and a complex identity, and it operates in multi-dimensional realms under cover of the civilian population. Furthermore, even opponent states have been using such methods for some time. By employing 'organized' state-sponsored terrorism by proxy, they strive for asymmetry and they prefer a ‘toolbox’ which contains non-standard, unconventional and not purely military capabilities.


The opponent has changed. He has become sophisticated, agile and diversified and has a shadowy “intelligence signature”. He uses state-mandated organs and restrictions as a legitimate mechanism for attacking states and their citizens. He'innocently' infiltrates through the state's official channels, converts civilian resources into lethal weapons (e.g. passenger aircraft or agricultural fertilizers), maintains a close connection to criminal activities and criminal organizations and makes it extremely difficult for the state’s security organizations to keep abreast of the rate of his learning and e developing processes.


Any state wishing to build an effective bulwark against terrorism and subversion must advance from a loose collection of bricks to a defensive wall, and this necessitates leadership, advanced technology integration and enhanced inter-agency capabilities.


To counter this phenomenon, states should develop dedicated, specialized, unique solutions encompassing all of the defense categories: security, HLS, military defense and defense against internal and external threats.


The official state-military approach to combatting terrorism and subversion (as far as flexibility and effectiveness are concerned) is provided by Special Forces, Commando Units and Secret Services. These elements rely primarily on a different state of mind. They are agile, should be well-equipped with cutting edgetechnologies and are capable of taking calculated risks responsibly. The identification of the emerging challenges has already influenced the future projects of “force build-up” and advanced armed forces are working on enhancing their special capabilities.


Know-How - Technology - Training

We retain the services of internationally prominent consultants in fields such as command and control, search and rescue, counterterrorism, law enforcement, intelligence and naval capabilities. Our company spirit originates from Israel’s elite forces and the values ingrained in our employees are derived from serving in those forces.


Defensive Shield has the highest security clearance and operates under the auspices of the State of Israel and its Ministry of Defense (IMOD). The company has been approved as a licensed supplier and exporter by the Israeli Defense Export Controls Agency (DECA). In addition, we are an authorized supplier to Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd., the IMOD and the Israel Prison Services (IPS). 


Defensive-Shield complies with the most rigid international standards and maintains a department certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management System. We request that our partners and suppliers uphold these same standards.