Military Intelligence Networks


HUMINT – Human Intelligence

OSINT – Open Source Intelligence

SIGINT – Signal Intelligence

VISINT – Visual Intelligence


At Defensive Shield, we employ the most up-to-date technologies in the areas HUMINT, VISINT, SIGINT, and OSINT from sources based in the air, on the land, at sea or in space to ensure you receive accurate intelligence with which enable you to carry out successful intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.


One of our intelligence solutions provides exclusive and autonomous, high resolution satellite imaging services to governments and defense forces for homeland security, defense and disaster control purposes. Another solution utilizes micropower UWB radar technology to enable outstanding through-the-wall optical intelligence.


Cyber Protection - Geared towards governments, militaries and key infrastructure security teams, our cyber protection products are designed to intercept, monitor and track digital information from mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers. 


Intelligence Training – Exploiting the knowledge of recognized intelligence specialists, Defensive offers comprehensive training programs for both field and desk intelligence operatives.


Social media- Processing, collecting and mapping web intelligence and data from social media including generation of reports. Defensive shield offers comprehensive tools for operation of virtual avatars.

Network Centric Warfare

 Defensive brings your troops into the realm of NCW with tactical communication solutions that will keep all of your forces connected and your troops accounted for. The low-cost dynamic relay stations we offer create robust voice and data networks over IP that enable reliable, hi-quality information sharing for squad level and above.  


Intranet – Independent units in the field have the ability to communicate with each other or to HQ directly via lightweight, micro relay switches. Commanders are able to locate and track each one of their squads, even in remote locations. 


Extranet - Via portable relay stations, field commanders may also link into external networks, enabling time-critical information sharing and mission cooperation with other forces, such as border patrol, air support, emergency rescue teams, etc. 


Utilizing simple plug-and-play technology, Defensive provides existing low frequency radio systems with the capability of interconnecting with other communication systems, such as satellite navigation, emergency networks and UHF. They enable shared situational awareness, which greatly improves the tactical agility of the forces that use them.  

Combat Systems (C5ISR)

By combining the talents of our high level strategists with our connection to current armed forces, we are able to define future threats and develop comprehensive combat systems designed to overcome those threats.  Whether developed in-house or in cooperation with other defense manufactures, we ensure that your armed forces are equipped with combat systems that give you an advantage on any modern battlefield. 


Breaching Systems – Especially designed for ground troops and Special Forces, Defensive supplies an array of breaching products that enable quick and efficient entry through doors, walls and bunkers.  We offer extremely lightweight hydraulic solutions, as well as door breaching rifle grenades and shoulder-launched wall and anti-structure munitions. 


Unmanned VehiclesWe supply an array of tactical unmanned air, ground and surface vehicles designed to operate as forward observers or as an integral part of any military operation.  


Perimeter Protection – Our innovative smart fence solutions improve operational effectiveness, shorten response time, and enhance troop survivability. They include acoustic and electro-optic intruder detection sensors, in addition to remote controlled weapon stations, which host light weapons that may be integrated into existing infrastructure and fortifications.


 Disposal of Dangerous War Remnants and other Explosive Obstacles


Consulantantancy, Planning, Management and Supervision of Mine Clearance Operations and Disposal of all Explosives (EOD,IEOD's,UXO) circumstances, Detection and identification of Explosives and Narcotics.


Counter-IEDs – Defensive offers a range of products that detect, identify and destroy Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and other explosive ordnance. Designed to save lives, our counter-IED solutions employ innovative technologies such as electro-optic and hyperspectral sensors, electronic jamming, as well as directed and kinetic energy lasers and shaped charges.  




Armored Protection

 Defensive Shield recognizes the importance of high quality force protection on the modern battlefield.Co nsequently, we offer a wide range of armored protection for any type of combat vehicle in addition to aircraft armor and personal armor for the soldier in the line of fire.  


Personal ProtectionOur combat proven armored vests are designed and produced by experts in the fields of: biomechanics, ergononomics, advanced materials, human factor engineering, and anatomy; who always consider current battlefield conditions and the risks to modern combatants. With extra focus on comfort, the vests provide the highest levels of protection and comply with the most rigid international standards, while offering total mobility together with light weight, high flexibility, and maximum durability; under extreme conditions.


Vehicle ProtectionFrom add-on armor to complete armored hull kits, Defensive will construct the perfect protection solution for your combat vehicles.  Active armor, available in several configurations to suit a variety of vehicle sizes, has proven to be successful against KE and CE threats, such as ATGMs, RPGs, etc. Passive armor protects against ballistic projectiles and artillery fragments, is lightweight and easy to maintain. We also supply hybrid armor which combines passive and reactive armor technology. It is effective against: anti-tank rockets, small arms, AP projectiles, high speed fragments of artillery mortar, and IEDs.


Airborne Protection – These solutions include modular, portable or fixed add-on armor kits, which provide the maximum protection level possible for flight crews and passengers, with a minimum amount of weight.  

Emergency Services

  Defensive Shield employs a dedicated team; rich in experience, to both set up and train SAR (search and rescue) forces for operation in both urban and remote environments. Within those teams, we will also establish K-9 units, supplying trained dogs, dog handlers and instructors to make sure your teams are professionally trained and prepared for any rescue situation. Defensive's own highly trained units are also available to carry out complex search and rescue operations on short notice 


Prepared for any crisis situation, we will train your emergency forces to carry out evacuations, as well as set up field hospitals with surgical and intensive care units. We will supply you with expert emergency medical personnel and the best hospital and surgical equipment available today.