Homeland Security



By combining its extensive know-how, training skills and advanced technological capabilities, Defensive Shield is able to develop a common language and improve cooperation among all of its customer’s homeland security forces and their operating systems. Among the company’s HLS solutions are:


* Critical infrastructure defense systems 


Border/port protection and control


* Crisis management 


* Counterterrorism


* Prison security

Critical infrastructure defense systems


The networks and systems that make up the infrastructure of a society are often taken for granted. However, a disruption to one of those systems can have serious consequences on other systems as well. For example, an attack on a gas pipeline will initially affect the supply of gas, which will then lead to a decrease in the generation of electric power and further on to the shutdown of computerized controls and communication systems, road, air and rail traffic control, etc. This domino effect would be even greater, were one of those critical systems attacked by an aggressive computer virus.  


Defensive Shield specializes in tailor-made solutions for the protection of critical infrastructures.


Whether vulnerable to physical or cyber attack, Defensive will identify the vulnerabilities of your key systems and sites, draw up a plan of defense, and train your forces to carry it out. Oil rigs, power plants, water and gas pipelines, government institutions and maritime fleets can now be protected using Defensive Shield's cutting edge technology and unique methods of defense.


PIDS - Defensive Shield offers a wide selection of perimeter intrusion systems (PIDS) for the protection of private and public facilities, such as airports, critical installations, oil rigs, harbors, borders, correctional facilities, pipelines, etc.  Our PIDS solutions utilize a myriad of fence and barrier protection technologies, including electro-optic sensors, vibration sensors, IR and microwave sensors, as well as reflected wave technology and underground seismic detection.  Combined with electronic control units, they offer complete intruder detection and alert solutions.  


C4ISR (Command, Control, Computers and Communications; Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) – Defensive's C4ISR solutions comprise a network of electro-optic and acoustic sensors that detect illicit activity.  The collected data is transmitted via superior communication systems to a central command and control post, where it can be analyzed and acted upon quickly and efficiently.


Cyber Protection – Defensive Shield will help you maintain a safe and secure cyber environment with a full range of hardware and software solutions. Geared towards governments, militaries and key infrastructure security teams, our cyber protection products are designed to intercept, monitor and track digital information from mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers.


Transportation Protection - Defensive offers comprehensive solutions for protecting varied forms of transportation: ships, trains, vehicle convoys, and aircraft against piracy and terrorism. These solutions, which are tailor-made to our customers' requirements, are based on prevention strategies, advanced technological systems, and human response teams.




Border  Control and Port Protection


 Defensive Shield aids federal authorities in monitoring and controlling the lawful and unlawful movement of goods, substances and people across borders or into ports by sharing its vast knowledge of field intelligence combined with ultra modern screening and detection technologies.


Biometric Access Control SystemsThe VIA©, Defensive Shield's integrated solution for secure, yet efficient entry and exit utilizes sophisticated software which verifies and authenticates one's identity. The system automatically coordinates between biometric identification devices, such as fingerprint and eye scanners and the VIA© smartcard, which contains each holder's unique biometric and demographic data. The mVia©, or mobile version of our verification, identification and authentication system takes advantage of smart phone technology to enable quick and secure access at border crossings,  mega events, large facilities and correctional institutions.  Read more about the mVIA©


Observation SystemsWe offer comprehensive observation solutions, which are easy to install on any type of patrol vehicle or stationary platform. These solutions may include: electro-optic day/night cameras as well as a communications data links and remote-operated consoles. Our observation systems for fences and walls may include acoustic sensors in addition to all of the above components. Additionally, Defensive supplies satellite-based Earth imagery systems used for homeland security and defense intelligence gathering missions.


Inspection and Scanning Systems- Defensive Shield offers a remarkable solution for the nonintrusive inspection of cargo transports, which  provides the ability to detect infiltrators, weapons, radioactive and explosive materials. Our system is the lightest and most versatile mobile gamma scanner available on the market today. With the ability to scan a vehicle's contents and as well as its underside, the system is operated by a single individual from a remotely controlled console; eliminating the risk of accidental irradiation to any personnel.  


For under-vehicle inspection we recommend a system that is situated underneath a stationary vehicle, which transmits high resolution, color video images at multiple angles. It is remotely operated from a control station at a safe distance from the inspected vehicle.  Detecting explosives, narcotics, illegal goods, and individuals, this solution is perfect for monitoring the secure access and exit at border checkpoints, critical installations, correctional facilities, public events and government offices. Defensive also offers personal scanning equipment as well as baggage scanning machines.  


In addition, we offer our expertise in training border and port personnel to conduct proper security inspections and background interviews. If required, we will supply professional human resources to carry out security inspections and scanning tasks.


Surface and Underwater Protection - Utilizing advanced acoustic and unmanned technologies, Defensive Shield provides full port and maritime protection. The solutions we offer are able to detect illicit activity, such as the placement of mines and the remains of explosives; on the surface as well as under the water.  


One of those solutions is an active acoustic sonar system based on a line of moored buoys, which creates an underwater fence; enabling a high frequency search system.  The buoys are connected via cable to a display and alert system situated in an on-shore command post.  


In addition, Defense offers an extremely versatile and effective solution for port, ship and oil rig protection.  


Our unmanned surface vehicle (USV) is remotely operated from land or from any manned platform without exposing personnel and vital assets to unnecessary risk.  With the capability of using various mission modules and of hosting sophisticated subsystems (cameras, communication links, sensors, weapons, etc.), it can be used for anti-terror and port security, as well as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. 

Crisis Management


  For crises such as natural disasters (earthquakes, fires, floods, etc.), technological events (nuclear explosions, computer failures), organizational discontent (strikes, riots, etc), acts of terrorism, and criminal activity, Defensive supplies the technology and methods of communication that enable improved cooperation between all of your emergency service personnel. Based on years of experience in dealing with and learning the lessons of major disasters,   Defensive Shield assists organizations and governments in defining worst-case scenarios, preparing response strategies and training personnel to execute those strategies during an emergency. 


C4ISR (Command, Control, Computers and Communications; Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) – Our C4ISR solutions for crisis management are made up of advanced optical equipment and communication devices that enable central command staff to monitor the status of all emergency personnel and vehicles – to know their location and involvement in the crisis at all times, to coordinate activities, and to direct their forces in carrying out specific tasks.


Search and Rescue - Defensive Shield supplies state-of-the-art location-based equipment as well as a dedicated team, rich in experience, to set up and train search and rescue teams for operation in both urban and remote environments. Within those teams, we will also establish K-9 units; supplying trained dogs, dog handlers and instructors to make sure your teams are professionally trained and prepared for any rescue situation. We also offer our own highly trained rescue teams to carry out complex SAR operations on short notice. 


Fire Fighting - Defensive Shield offers a proven fire control system that helps detect, alert and control fire events. Highly accurate, electro-optic, land-based and airborne cameras enable early detection, at the onset of a fire event, and, via data link communications, alert authorities in real-time. The solution's unique command and control system enables centralized command of all incidents, including the tracking of firefighting personnel, aircraft, vehicles and equipment, as well as the ability to plan  a course of action, provide coordinates and accurate instructions to emergency personnel and manage civilian evacuation. 


Medical Preparedness – Defensive's team of experienced emergency medical instructors will train your emergency forces to set up field hospitals with surgical and intensive care units. We will supply you with expert emergency medical personnel and the best hospital and surgical equipment available today.   





  With foreign and domestic terrorism on the rise, it is imperative that governments, armed forces and law enforcement agencies coordinate their counterterrorism efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of their citizens.  Defensive Shield is an expert in counterterrorism tactics and techniques. We assist our customers in defining anti-terror policy, setting up operational units and supplying them with the best equipment available. 


Counter-IEDs – Defensive offers a range of products that detect, identify and destroy Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and other explosive ordnance. Utilizing innovative technologies such as electro-optic and hyperspectral sensors, electronic jamming, as well as directed and kinetic energy lasers and shaped charges, our counter-IED solutions save lives.   


Cyber Protection Our computer and intelligence experts will help you fight cyber terror and provide a safe and secure cyber environment. Geared towards governments, militaries and key infrastructure security teams, our cyber protection products are designed to intercept, jam and monitor digital information from mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers. 


Inspection and Scanning Systems - Defensive Shield offers a number of solutions for the nonintrusive inspection of cargo transports and vehicles which  provide the ability to detect infiltrators, weapons, radioactive and explosive materials as well as narcotics and illegal goods. These solutions are perfect for monitoring the secure access and exit at border checkpoints, critical installations, correctional facilities, public events and government offices. Defensive also offers personal scanning equipment as well as baggage scanning machines.  


In addition, we offer our expertise in training border and port personnel to conduct proper security inspections and background interviews. If required, we will supply professional human resources to carry out security inspections and scanning tasks. 

Prison Security

  Maintaining control and stability within and around modern correctional facilities is a demanding, yet critical task. Whether designing the ultimate prison environment from square one or upgrading an existing facility, Defensive Shield has developed proven strategies as well as cutting edge technologies that are designed to empower prison authorities with comprehensive security measures. These tactics will improve the overall operation of any prison and restore order in the event of any unrest 


C4ISR (Command, Control, Computers and Communications; Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) Our C4ISR solutions are made up of a network of advanced optical equipment, communication devices and computers, as well as tailor-made strategies that enable the central command staff to remain focused on their prisoners and in contact with personnel at all times, especially during riots or other disturbances. 


Non-Lethal Weapons –We offer several non-lethal products, such as: water cannons, tear gas grenade launchers and acoustic devices that generate piercing sounds causing dizziness and nausea. 


Biometric Access Control Systems – Defensive offers correctional facilities an integrated solution for secure, yet efficient access control - the VIA© system. Using sophisticated algorithms that verify and authenticate one's identity, the VIA automatically coordinates between biometric identification devices, such as fingerprint and eye scanners and the VIA© smartcard, which contains each holder's unique biometric and demographic data.


Vehicle- and Fence-Mounted Observation Systems – We provide comprehensive observation solutions, which are easy to install on any type of patrol vehicle. These turnkey systems are comprised of: electro-optic day/night cameras, searchlights, communication systems and remote-operated console. Our observation systems for fences and walls may include acoustic sensors in addition to all of the above components.


Millimetric Wave Scanners – Defensive supplies millimetric wave scanners designed to detect concealed items beneath an individual's clothing.


Drug Detection Unit - Defensive will provide the training, K-9 units and technology required to detect and prevent the trafficking of drugs within your correctional facility.