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Lt. Col. (Res) Zev Gottesman

Business continuity expert

Zev is an expert in the fields of Training in Disaster Management Programs and  Content Manager, following 23 years of service in the Israel Defense Forces as an expert in Homeland Security. In his position as head of civil defense of his IDF division, he was in charge of protecting the population against a broad spectrum of extreme events. Prior to his discharge from service, he founded a new division in the Central Command's Home front where he trained local and regional authorities in Emergency Preparedness and Civil Defense. Zev holds a BA in Land of Israel Studies from Bar-Ilan University and an M.P.H in Emergency and Disaster Management from Tel Aviv University.

B.Sc. Yuli Boguslavsky


Yuli is an expert in the fields of project management and  reserch, design, prototyping and manufacturing of electro-optical and opto-mechanical devices. He holds MA in EE Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and graduate Engineering Management Course in Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Yuli worked at IAI Ltd. - EE of airborn equipment, Laser Industries Ltd. - Manager of Electronics Development Department of laser surgical systems and ELBIT Systems Electro-Optics - ELOP Ltd.  for over a decade, serving in various senior and managerial positions. 

Boris Wesler

Regional Business Development Manager (Central Europe)

As a Business Development Executive, Boris Wesler is tasked with building relationships with new clients, initiating and managing their enquiries and needs. Boris has a solid background in business development and investments and brings bags of enthusiasm and experience to the role. Boris (Major, res.) served 8 years in the Israeli Navy as a Vessel Captain and as Commander of the Patrol Squadron. Boris holds degree in economics and business administration from Yorker International University (Italy)

Luba Livertovsky

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Lioubov (Luba) Livertovsky joins Defensive Shield from the Institute for National Security Studies where she specialized in counterterrorism programs and low-intensity conflicts. She has a B.A. degree in Political Science and an M.A. in Security Studies. Luba is experienced in marketing and customer service, project management and operations, as well as in training. She completed her military service in the Israeli Air Force, Shaldag unit.

Hanan Schaap

Business Development


Hanan Schaap, a consultant to Defensive Shield with extensive experience in a wide range of professional arrays and has 14 years of experience in the Defense industry: Since Hanan’s discharge from his military service, where he was the commander of a small-arms and equipment acquisition department in the Paratroop Commando Unit, he fulfilled several positions in leading companies in the arms accessories industry. In his last position, Hanan Schaap was the CEO of CAA Tactical an innovative international company, manufacturing and marketing specializing in small arms accessories. Prior to joining CAA Tactical, Hanan was the operational manager at TDI Arms Ltd.  a world pioneer in developing accessories for existing arms. Hanan holds a degree in business management.

B.Sc. Col. (Ret) Etay Yehudai 

Land Systens Expert

Col. (Ret) Etay Yehudai has 26 years of experience in commanding in the S.O community and was commander of "Shaldag" special operation unit. Col Yehudai was a reserve paratrooper brigade commander and was the commander of the Air Force Special operation command. 

Etay holds a degree in industrial and management  engineering. 

Gadi Sneh

Senior researcher

Operational Art

Mr. Gad Sneh, specializes in new product development and strategic analysis. Formerly, Gad was the CEO of MTOT Insight ltd., a company developing ideation and decision support systems, interoperable with enterprise-wide packaged application software, collaborative working environments and productivity applications. He has also been a Senior Research Fellow at the Operational Theory Research Institute in the IDF, leading the cognitive research and methodology development of systemic analysis and planning processes, for strategic and operational levels. Gad holds an MA in Philosophy from Tel Aviv University and a BA in Philosophy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.