Responding to the threat of internal terrorism and increased crime rates, Defensive Shield assists local, regional and federal law enforcement agencies in ghting crime and protecting civilian populations. The company provides organizational support, the latest in security equipment and extensive training services. 


* Mega Event  Security


Smart & Safe Cities Projects


* Anti-Riot /Crowd Control 


* VIP Protection

Mega Event Security

 Biometric Access Control - Defensive Shield’s mVIA© (Mobile Verification, Identification and Authentication) system raises the level of security and maintains privacy, while improving overall operational efficiency at entrances to large events and facilities


Our patented software solution interfaces with standard biometric face-recognition systems and smart phone technology to make access to mega events and large companies secure and hassle-free. The system provides security alerts for persona non grata and is recognized as a green technology, enabling paper-free ticketing and plastic-free identification.


Large Facility and Business Protection - Especially suited for monitoring the entrances and exits of large facilities, our VIA© system uses sophisticated algorithms that verify and authenticate one's identity. The VIA automatically coordinates between biometric identification devices, such as fingerprint, eye scanners, etc. and the VIA© smartcard.  Each smartcard contains its holder's unique biometric and demographic data. 

Smart & Safe Cities Projects

Significant challenges for good governance are crime and insecurity. In order to prevent and reduce common problems of crime, violence and fear there is a need for urban safety strategy. Alerting and supplying of information on criminals in real time are part of safe city concept.

Defensive creates tailor-made safe city projects designed to heighten the sense of personal safety among civilian populations. By setting up a network of observation and communication systems as well as advanced command and control (C2) centers across the city, we enable various law enforcement agencies, emergency services and community volunteer groups to coordinate their efforts in order to reduce crime and respond effectively during crisis situations. 


Smart City: a System of Systems of Systems...


The challenge of managing sustainable urban growth is one of the defining challenges of the 21st century. City leaders, mayors and other politicians are already wrestling with this challenge and are looking to make changes that will position their cities for growth, as attractive centers for investment and innovation and as fulfilling places to live. The debate about how to plan and design the Smart City is booming, both as an opportunity to drive a more sustainable economic development and an incubator of innovation and transformation that can merge the virtual world of Mobile-Services, Internet of Things and Social Networks with the Physical Infrastructures of Smart Building and  Smart Utilities: electricity, heating, water, waste, transportation, unified communication and  collaboration infrastructure.


Anti-Riot and Crowd Control

There are various tools available to law enforcement agencies to stop or prevent a suspect /crowd from continuing an assault on others or themselves.  Less-lethal or non-lethal  weapons design to stop or control a person or crowds without causing permanent injury to them.

For the deterrence, control and dispersal of unruly crowds, we offer a remote-operated, modular station, which can be mounted on numerous types of mobile platforms. The system is comprised of day/night cameras, targeting acquisition software, remote control console and non-lethal or less-lethal weapons. Outfitted according to customer requirements, weapon systems may include water cannon, tear gas canister launchers, acoustic devices, and guns that fire rubber bullets.  In addition, Defensive trains anti-riot squads, supplies protective riot gear and armored vehicles.

VIP Protection

 Using our field-proven, three-tiered approach to VIP protection ensures the safety of your important figures 24/7 and 365 days a year. Top-level instructors from Defensive recruit, train, and follow the progress of your security forces, supplying them with the hottest security technology and systems available on the market today.    


Our covert security activities include: intelligence gathering and information security, signal jamming, hidden surveillance, sniper detection, face recognition, as well as facility and residence protection. 


As part of our overt security measures we outfit complete control centers and situation rooms, provide and train in the use of CCTV and night vision cameras, access control devices, robots, aircraft protection systems, and tactical UAVs. We train anti-riot units, counterterrorism teams, demolition squads, and K-9 units. 


The personal security tier of protection includes the training of personal security teams and emergency medical personnel, as well as the supply of armored vehicles, protective gear, medical equipment, and communication devices.